Why I decided to join the #100DaysOfCode challenge

Let’s talk about it !

Okay so let me start by admitting that I literally chose a programming language out of thin air, zero logic behind it, a rookie error, I know *facepalms*.

I first began the challenge August 2018, JavaScript was my language of choice. I signed up to freecodecamp and completed 8 solid days of the challenge, impressive, I know.

The end. Literally that was it.

First lesson: Do some research into Front-End and Back-End, this will guide you in the direction of which programming language(s) to learn.

My second attempt at the challenge has been more successful, I’ve completed 41 days of Python via Codecademy Pro! Let’s celebrate that!


Here’s how and why I started the challenge again:

I’m a firm believer of doing things that I enjoy. When I previously joined the challenge in 2018, I was coding aimlessly, I didn’t have a goal or an idea in mind.

A few months after the challenge, I started to notice that many people I follow on Twitter were participating and I was pretty inspired with how far they’d come and the projects they were working on.

I decided that I’ll give the challenge another shot, but first, I’d task myself with actually research programming languages and think about the type of projects I’d like to build.

I followed the yellow brick road and arrived at PYTHON 3.

I was excited, curious, and fascinated by all of the articles and YouTube videos I’d watched related to Python. These topics were mainly centered around; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science.


New Years Day of 2019 is the day I decided to begin the challenge. As you probably have figured out (if you’re paying attention lol), we’re 82 days into the year and so far I’ve only completed 41 days of coding. There’s an explanation for that! I will be writing a blog post on ‘Learning how to code alongside a full-time job’ in the coming weeks and also documenting what I have learned so far with Python.

I chose to learn Python via Codecademy Pro because:

  1. I found difficulty in finding resources that covered Python for beginners in-depth.
  2. The syllabus covers lessons on:
  • Python Syntax
  • Functions
  • Control Flow
  • Lists
  • Loops
  • Strings
  • Modules
  • Dictionaries
  • Files
  • Classes
  • Function Arguments

The best thing about learning on Codecademy Pro is that you’re learning but also being given the opportunity to demonstrate and practice what you have learned. Here’s how it works: Lesson > Project > Code Challenges > Quiz, and then it’s on to the next lesson. How fab!?

Welp! That’s all for now, thank you for coming to my WordPress talk.

I would love to know why you decided to join the challenge or teach yourself how to code!

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Signing off,

Rach, Millennial Rach

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