Women Driven Development event at Deliveroo

I attend quite a few coding workshops and events and thought it’s worth me sharing my experiences with you all.

Let’s talk about it!

First up on the docket is, Women Driven Development.

There are so many tech events, workshops and hackathons taking place on a monthly basis. I am grateful that a number of them are aimed at Women in tech and Women who are interested in tech.

I somehow stumbled across @womendrivendev on Twitter and saw that they were having their first-year anniversary party @ Deliveroo. Now, who doesn’t love a party with food, beer, and people in tech? I signed up quicker than Usain Bolt crossed that finish line!

Some of you reading this may be apprehensive about attending tech events alone, I assure you, it is a great experience and you WILL meet people.

I had never attended any of Women Driven Development’s previous hackathons/events as I was unaware, however, I summoned up the courage to attend the anniversary party alone and I’m glad I did. The event was last week Thursday (10/10/2019) for those of you who are wondering.

I thought to myself:

I arrive, I’m in the elevator with a bunch of women, there wasn’t the usual awkward silence as people who knew each other in the elevator spoke amongst each other until we reached the floor.

We’re in, and all I see is food and A LOT of alcohol, I knew I had made the right decision.

I initially started speaking with @Rushlet_ about my journey of learning Python via Codecademy and attending the Code First Girls web dev course. @Rushlet_ spoke to me about her experience as a Web Developer at BBC News which sounded very appealing. I’m pretty sure she felt like I was interviewing her as I had soooo many questions haha. As this was my first conversation of the evening, I felt a lot more confident in walking up to strangers and speaking to them.

I grabbed some pizza and a bottle of Corona and I froze for a bit. I wasn’t sure where to sit or who to approach. I’m sure many of us have found ourselves in this predicament. The secret is getting out of our comfort zone and approaching someone with a simple ‘hello’, it works. I spoke with @sohbaker and another lady about learning how to code via online courses, Code First Girls, and the tech events we have attended.

Next, one of the organisers @phoebeintech done the welcome and got everyone up and mingling! Phoebe instructed us to stand next to those who had similar shoes to us (e.g. trainers, boots). This was very thoughtful.

PUBLIC STATEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Event organisers, please take note and be mindful that many people attend events solo and it can be quite daunting for us to approach people who are in their groups during networking sessions. Thanks.

I wore boat shoes and was stood with those who wore any type of flat shoes. I met Mary who completed the Makers Academy Bootcamp and is now an iOS developer. We had a very meaningful conversation, we briefly discussed app ideas. Mary explained to me what stack is needed to develop an app and what her day-to-day at work looks like. We connected on slack and will coincidentally see each other at the Codebar iOs event on 7th November, I as a student and Mary as a coach.

I also met a lady who completed the Flatiron school Bootcamp. I have considered whether to join a Coding Bootcamp and I’m still doing some research. Makers and Flatiron are two bootcamps that I have recentely researched and I have read many success stories. The WDD anniversary event a great opportunity for me to connect with others who have successfully completed coding bootcamps.

I spoke to many people during the night and proudly spoke of being a domain name addict. I have about 3-4, and I’ve thought of many more #sendhelp.


Earlier on in the event, I had chat with @DavidAJoyce121 and we crossed paths again and spoke about Ireland and my experience of learning front-end and back-end. I can’t really give a take about what we delved into because I’m pretty sure I was on my 5th beer. David also gave a great talk about partnering with @aktcharity.

There’s my whistle-stop tour of the Women Driven Development first year anniversary event. All in all, it was a great event with great people so kudos to the team. Follow @womendrivendev on Twitter and at https://womendrivendev.org/, they organise hackathons!

If you really want to attend tech events/workshops and are afraid of going alone, look how great it turned out for me! Anxiety sucks, but ‘if we never face it, we never get to overcome it’.

Can’t wait to hear about your experience! Go for it.

That’s all from me folks! @MillennialRach